lundi 9 septembre 2013

Glow & Pure product testing!

I love product testing! This time, I got the chance to test 3 porducts thanks to Glow & Pure magazine. My opinions will be featured in the November issu. Here are my 3 products:

First off the nail polish. I was really liking this prodcut. The brush is big and it takes less time to apply on the nail. It does dry very fast and it last long, before you take a shower ;)

As for the TRESemmé product. Loved it. I’ve used TRESemmé products before and this one didn’t fail either! I love the spray. This product is better than the other bargain brands (Pantene), because it uses a spray and not a stream. It gives better coverage of the head. It doesn’t feel heavy and once your hair is dried and styled, the hair does feel smoother to the touch.

Vaseline spray:  I was curious of how much time I was going to save with this product. To be honest, I was not that impress. Sure, it does save on the application time, because of the continuous stream. But once that’s done, you have to work it into the skin and that takes some time to do. So it’s nothing like the TV ad where the girl’s sprays and leaves, it takes time for the skin to absorb the moisturizer. Even after you rub it in, I didn’t feel ready to put on my clothes. Nice product, but not that much of a time saver.

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