dimanche 6 décembre 2015

You should read me at Geekbecois

Hello everyone!

Gosh, last post was on july 30th!!! Geebus. I guess that's what happens when you concentrate on one blog and that your day job takes a lot of space and time. Anyway, if you still want to read my stuff, go a head to Geekbecois.com, I mostly write for the Lifestyle section as well as for the film and cool stuff sections.

It's in French and I hope you will like it!


vendredi 31 juillet 2015

Oh hey! Let me dump some cosplay pics and leave!! :P

It's been a good year in cosplay. Let me dump some pictures for you! WE have Magipink, Gaowhite, Katy Perry's Cats and last costumes from her dark horse video:

dimanche 14 juin 2015

Cosplay update!

Whoaaaaa! It's been a while! A lot of things happenig with moving and stuff. But at least mu costuming is still going strong!! At this years MTL Comic Con, I'll be Katy Perry and one of her cats from the Dark horse video:
So much cutting out shapes *_*. The costumes are almost done. Only the cat mask is to finish. Missing colours and the chain.

My next project is the  Diner en Blanc white dress. Going with a high low skirt and some anthlers for the head. Super wacky and original. Last years I did a long white dress and a small cardboard hat. So this year I wanted to be more creative. Here is some WIP:

dimanche 29 mars 2015

Target Haul! The last of the banner in Canada

OIf you know a little about the retail world, tou probably know about the fact that Target is leaving Canada in a couple of weeks, maybe even days. With that closing, comes good deals. Now, I want to say that it is really sad that 17 000 people are losing their jobs. It is never good news when a store closes. Hope all the workers get back on their feet in the near future.

Now, I liked shopping at Target. I found good clothes and shoes. My boyfriend loved the selection of socks. When walking aorund my Target, for the last time, I spotted a display of Be Delectable products By Cake Beauty. I eyes lit up at the whole selection of canadian products. And I went overboard:
The smells are super sweet, that coconut vream is divine. So even it bad time, Target still pulled throught for a beautista. I'll see you over the border!

jeudi 15 janvier 2015

Cosplay Progress: Wild Force

Ok so. G-Anime is in 8 days. My progress is going well. The boots, dress and belt are done. What is left: belt buckle, sword, baton and helmet. The helmet can wait and even the sword if I have to. 

WIP pictures

Sending your enemies glitter: Let's bring the SPARKLE!

You know glitter is know as the Herpes of crafting, because that stuff gets everywhere and it is hard to clean it all up without find tiny sparkles in the corners of your room 6 months later.

But why keep the problem to yourself? That's the idea behind Ship Your Enemies Glitter, an Australian company that is already making a name for itself.

The concept is simple: for $10 AUS, you can buy a pack of glitter and send it to a person you really don't like and cross your fingers. The company sends an envelope with a letter for why you hate that person so much. When the recipient gets the envelope and take the letter out, a cascade of glitter come out flying and GETS EVERYWHERE!!

Sounds weird? Hey at least you are not offering to send horse manure! BTW, the concept was so amazing, the site is now on back-order! Here is the funny message:

"Purchasing has been temporarily suspended. You guys have a sick fascination with shipping people glitter. We've received all orders & working through them. There was a tonne so be patient."

mercredi 7 janvier 2015

Happy 2015: Dessert Dinosaurs

Happy New year everyone!! To start of 2015 on a good foot, let's talk about dinosaurs re-imagined as desserts, because, yes someone thought about that!

From the mind of artist Alejo Malia, his Jurassic Sweet are an amazing combination of awesome and cute, sweet and savage. The perfect mix! And he was inspired by Ben and Jerry's ice cream, what more do you want?