lundi 18 novembre 2013

Review Covergirl exacteyelights

I love collecting mascaras. I still have 5 tubes in my drawer while Im using 5 other ones. When I was in Mtl last last winter, I bought the CG exacteyelights waterrpoof mascara for brown eyes:

It's suppose to enhance the colors of your eyes with pigments of shine or something like that... For instance, blue eyes got blue mascara, green had reddish and hazel some brown-gold. You know what they put for brown eyes??? Black, black, black, because nothing makes your eyes pop like semi-shiny black mascara... Maybe it's because it's the waterproof formula or the bottle is old, but never opened.

Anywho, not my favorite mascara. I get the feeling that Covergirl doesn't put much effort in the waterproof version. Maybelinne still has my vote for waterproof mascara.

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