mercredi 14 mai 2014

Revlon Select Testing: ShadowLinks

AS my ongoing task for Revlon, I've got the chance to try out there new ShadowLinks eye shadow. When I got them in the mail, the first thought was : " OMG they are so cute!!"
Available in 30 different shades and in 4 finishes, Revlon is calling to your creative side, because you can create the ensemble you want. When I was on there website and I was choosing my palette, I saw they had an example palette. I just loved the color combination Revlon made. I clairly chose those color as you can see on the picture and put it a lovely mauve shadow wit some shimmer. 

Once my palette was in my hand, I tried to recreate the look I saw on the Revlon website.

The copper and yellow-ish colors spread well. my only bad review is the black mate shadow. I don't find it rich enough. I like the mate look, all of my black shadows are shimmery, but I wish the black shadow would stand out more. Besides that, the rest is just great. With the interchangeble shadows, you can bring exactly the palette you want ANYWHERE: vacation, prom, photoshoot, picnic, Halloween Party, name it, you can.

Thanks Revlon Canada for the chance to try and tell. I love doing this :)

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