mardi 3 juin 2014

Left out syndrom

Hello my name is Catherine and I suffer from left out syndrom. LOS is an affliction that effects social behaviors and mental stamina. The first symptoms may come around puberty, before social media. LOS starts the infection the moment you realize that your best firend and your other friends all talk about a party that you never existed. The infection continues once you get your year book and see pictures from events where your friends clearly have a great time without you in the picture.

LOS may stay dormante for years because you have no presence on social media. And the day you are, LOS makes its way back. Social medias like Facebook and Twitter were the biggest causes of LOS and them came along FourSquare and Instagram so that people can show you in better filters and better location were they are and what they are doing.

The symtomes of Left out syndrom effect the mentality of the infected. It starts with a questionning of one-self: "Why didn't they call me?" "Are we still friends?" "Am-I that boring?". Next it sets like a parasite at the back of your mind that you can't let go. LOS can choose its targets and the type of symtoms the target will have. For example, the mental breakdown may happen with just some special friends: "I know that my college friends are far, but why my best friend that lives behind my house never calls me when he/she does something with our commun friend?"

I have LOS because it was caused by me low sefl-esteem in high school. Even with the fact that I have met great people in university, I can't help but feel louzy when my childhood friend who does live behind my house doesn't bother asking me to come to a friend gathering. I mean we've been doing this for years and this year is totally different somehow? Don't tell me "oh we should do something soon!" on a Saturday and then I see you on Monday doing something 2 km from my house with our commun friend, People tell my that LOS should be treated with a dose of "I don't give a damn" serum. I'm not strong enough for the serum to work, I'm still searching for that someone special (beside my boyfriend, love that guy) that will be that cure. So people with LOS you are not alone, thats why we have chat rooms! No but for real, it does suck, but eventually time will come.

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