dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Department store rant

I was thinking about something to write when it hit me. I've been working in retail recently while I'm looking for a job and my field and my first job was at a department store. and since it's the Holidays, Christmas Shopppers are all over the place and sometimes... they just drive me crazy. For those of you who have or are working in retail, you are reminded that the customer is always right. Well..... HECK no, the customer is not always right.

I wish some people could work retail for one day so they can see what it is like. Since I work in retail, I'm much more carefull as a customer. Here are some thing that I really wish some people would stop doing:

1. Stealing
I know, I know. We have heard a lot about shoplifting, but I can't help it, it disgust me. The store in which I work in has a beauty section with a lot of makeup, spa and body products. From what i've heard from my bosses, it's the most problematic area in the store for stealing. Well of course, much more easier to steal lipstick then a pair of high boots.

I've read that some people, mostly women, will steal not because they are poor (come on, don't steal lipstick if you don't have the money to buy it, concentrate on saving and reward yourself with it instead), BUT because they are mad that high end brands will make you pay so much money for such little things or they say that the company selling is already making money of my back. It makes me really mad finding empty boxes and no lost product. All I want to say to them is why? Does it make you feel better? Is it to impress your so-called freinds? If I could tell them one reason why they should stop it's going to be this:

The higher people of the company set the budget for the employees working time. So if the company makes less money one month, the corporate people will cut in the budget and by consequence, people are cut out of their working hours. So just to satisfy your stealing craving, you are cutting the working hours of a student who has to pay their tuition or cutting the hours of the working mom or dad or the lonely person who comes to work to escape boredom. So think twice about taking that lipgloss, you probably cutting 1-2 hours of pay for someone who really needs it.

2. Unpacking
Since we are in the beauty categorie, let's rant on the people that will unpack, test, smudge, break products just so they can look or smell it. Sometimes, I think people think they are in Walmart or something and they can unwrap everything and test everything. It's disgusting. I heard people complain that they want to smell the parfum, but we don't allow to unwrap. WE HAVE NO TESTER!!! got to a drug store and come back, because you know it's cheaper here. OHHH and to the people saying "but everyone does it" SHUT UP. You know what that means? You suffer from sheep syndrome, if the group jumps of a cliff will you do it? "No, that's not the samething" Well yes it is. Try being better than everybody else instead of being a jerk like everybody else.

To the people of stick their fingers in everything... shame on you. By opening products you A) put your ugly finger print on nice untouch makeup B) reducing the life spand of the make by putting your bacteria and the bacteria in the air at the same time. We have high end brands like Smashbox and NARS, but they loss value because of the twit who can't read color names or who thinks they are on top of the world. I was told once that a lady was demanding a 1.25$ discount for each touched square of a lip palette. I was told she sabatoged it herself, but you get the picture. It's plain rude. It's like leaving lipstick smears on every shirt you try on.

3. Shopping carts
I think some customers failed math, because they can't make straight lines anymore. Coming to work to see a pile of shopping carts is sad and fustrating. Especially when the customer sees or saw you putting th carts back in line and them leave the one they were using in the middle of the exit or worst outside or even worst: in the checkout line.

Leaving your cart outside at 200 meters of the store is just plaine lazy. If you have kids in the car, I get it, it's ok. If you are an elderly person, ok also. But if you are none of that, you are a lazy person. Heck just bring back the cart in front of the doors is fine, but not 200 meters in a snow bank.

4. Return policies
Every store has it's own return policies. Some allow 14 days to return and some 30. That's fine. At the 2 places I worked, we had to refund the person using the same card as the buyer. So if you paid with your student Visa, I'll refund you on that Visa. It's to prevent fraud. I mean if they are imposing that rule, it's because scams were made.

I'm ranting on the people who don't understand that rule. Once I've got 2 ladies in the same hour fussing that it was a stupid rule because they had to bring back the purchase and not anywho else. We try to say it's because the person who paid has the right to be refunded, it's their money. So I don't care you think it's stupid your husband can't accept the money for you or you can't take the refund for your daugther. We are preventing fraud for the store and the customer.

Think of it this way: You buy something, but you break up with your gf or bf the following days. They could take your purchase, bring it back to the store and ask a refund, stating that you couldn't come back and then, they get the money and you're stuck with nothing. Or a theif breaks into your home, steals merch and tries to bring it back to the store to get money back. You know by asking for the exact same card, we insure that the rightful person gets their money back. Because nothing garanties us that you will give the money back to your brother or father and once the money in gone, we can't do anything.

And on that, I wish you all holiday joy and be careful when you are shopping.

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