jeudi 23 janvier 2014

New cosplay challenge

Soooooooooo G-Anime is this weekend and as you may all know, i'll be cosplaying as Kakuranger / Alien Ranger white for saturday and I'm not taking part in the mascarade because I think my skills are not ready yet:
It's funny, because Kakuranger is my 4th PR cosplay and I made it because the people who recongnize me at convention as « that power rangers girl » asked me if I was going to make another color then blue ou yellow. and since I didn't want to make anything to hard because I wanted to make the helmet. UPDATE: the helmet I started was taken over by my boyfriend and it is much better and light years from my skills.

So since Kakuranger is done, I wanted to take another power rangers cosplay. And since I have tounes of yellow spandex, I decided to make this Jetman Owl cosplay in woman:

I know I'll be doing the Pink Swan because i just loved that costume. I know, i know I must change colors again, Jetman Owl is going to be my 3rd yellow ranger. So the fix this I will be doing Magipink/Mystic Pink for Otakuthon or Montréal ComicCon. The tricky part will be the cape and the shoulder pads, just like Jetman. Well, I have to level up my skills one way or another!! 

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