mercredi 5 février 2014

Animal head shape purses are awesome


While browsing the interwebs, I found an article on Fashionably Geek about an Etsy designer making purses shaped like animal heads. I mean aren't they AWESOME!!

For all animal lovers, these bags can come in cat shapes, dog heads and even racoon. I guess you just need to have a round shape animal head and you're settled!! I would totally have a cat head. I wonder if I could have a shark?? You know, the picture of a Great White jumping out of the sea.

The artist, Ben Tsang can also make custom orders for the people who REALLY love their pets and want them on their purses.

Prices start at 40 $ + shipping and 86 $ for custom work. And OMG THEY HAVE A RED PANDA!!! SQUEEEEEEEE

To shop, click here


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