jeudi 27 novembre 2014

The dress of all dresses!

I remember my prom dress from 7 years ago...! I chose that blue (fake) crystal dress, because I felt like a princess. It had the wow factor that I wanted for the only time in my tween life where I could be me, but with a kick-ass dress.

I'm lucky, my dress wasn't too big. But it is nothing compared to this 380 pound crystal incrusted dress!
Would You Wear a 380-Pound Wedding Dress?
Created by Gail Be from Edina, Minnesota, this weeding gown is the biggest and the heaviest dress (for now) in the world. Made with 1 000 000 beads, 500 000  crystals and 400 000 pearls, it took 22 seamstresses and 3 years to make.


The dress named Fantasy is not up for sale and it was not made for someone specific. But it is one heck of an art piece!!

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