mardi 9 décembre 2014

Convention update!!!

Man it was a busy Summer/Fall!! Here is my con report!

First off: Otakuthon: there was sooooooooo mannnnnnyyyyy people! Usualy, they have 9000 people attend, this year, I think it was around 15 000!!! Like usual, almost no one knows I was a Power Ranger. It's harder to be noticed when you have no helment. Only the TRUE BELIEVERS knew I was Magipunk and Jetman Yellow (Some even liked the small head pieces) I will post a Magipink pic soooon!

Second: MTL ComicCon. Always a huge convention, so fun to met up with friends! I wore my Magipink cosplay WITH helmet!!! on Saturday for the mascarade and on Sunday I was the Crimson Thunder Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm. I got to meet Austin St-John, the original Red Power Rangers!!!! Fangirling all the way :) Also got to go to the Power Rangers Panel. So much fun! I missed the Stephen Amell, because of the mascarade..... disappointed! 

Third: The first edition of Quebec City ComicCon. I debuted my Anime Girlfriend/wife of Dr. Kreiger from the FX cartoon Archer. It was somewhat of a hit. I was with my boyfriend, he was dressed as Kreiger, great reaction. The guy who hosts Teletoon at Night in French kept staring at us, because I'm pretty sure he recognize characters from a TV show he presents! Un Sunday, I wore my Crimson Ninja Storm suit. I got to meet Ani-Mia and her boyfriend, really cool people! Her boyfriend was a stand in for the recent Poser Rangers Super Megaforce reunion show, he was SPD Green. He showed pictures of the set and costumes.... DROOL!!! Nice event, it was fun walking in Old QC, maybe I will go next year! 

Third: For the first time in Sherbrooke, we had a mini convection called AnimaraCon. Not much, it was mostly an opportunity to meet up with friends and to catch up. I participated in the first ever mascarade. My costume one a prize!!!! YUP my boyfriend won BEST HELMET for his work on the Magipink helmet. He TOTALLY deserved it!! Funny to think he is now a journeyman and I'm still a novice!

OK so next convention??? G-Anime in January! My cosplays? Wild Force White and maybe a Kigurumi of my own since I can't decide on buying one everytime I stop at the kigu booth.

Happy Holidays!

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