mardi 25 juin 2013

visiting montreal: Cacao 70

Hello!!! today I bring to you my new discovery in MTL. Thanks to my cousin who swears by this restaurant for the quality of their chocolat products and the fact that they are less expensive (and snoby) than Juliette and Chocolat, I now know the existence of cacao 70 on St-Catherine street, in front of the Lasalle College. 2087 Ste. Catherine west, Montreal, QC.

The ambiance is good and god does it smeel good!! i'm not that much of a chocolat lover, but I'm a dessert freak and looking at the menu, I totally caught something that I wanted: Wafles!! But not any kind, Banana split wafles. Here is a look from their Facebook page:

Holy cow!!!! Sooooooooo much on my plate!!! But so deliceous!!! I had more banana and less chocolat syrup. But still, if I wasn't so stuff, I would have finished all my plate. But it was a little overkill for me. Also, you can buy their wafles, but at 5,50 $ a piece, i prefer going to Gaufrabec.
Still, Cacao 70 is a must return for me. I need to try this:

And this:
Prices: 10-35 $

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